Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My only wish was to go to bed early and get a good nights sleep...

I was woken up at 3 am.
I tossed and turned until 6am.
I was late to work.
I did my makeup in the car.
I have 10 million issues to follow up on at work.
My husband is PMS'ing.
And last but not least - the dog ate cat poop.

Oh. AND the Phillie's lost.

Can I get a do over please?

What is frustrating you today? Please share.


Anonymous said...

Cute blog!

I'm frustrated by people not being able to get their shit together and it impacting me in a negative way.

HUBS said...

some old fart at work thinks that by looking at an engine he knows what the problem is. i take all the proper tests and come to a different conclusion and im wrong! LOL

Being Brazen said...

have a great easter!

David Richardson said...

I have no real gripes today. Overall, things are good.

Sorry you had a rough day. Things will get better!


Heather Nicole said...

@ Cyndi - Thank you and thanks for sharing. It can be frustrating when other people try bringing you down.

@ Hubs - Somepeople develop bad habbits after being at a job for too long. Thats why your boss appreciates your fresh outlook!

@ Brazen - Thanks - you do the same!

@ David - Glad to hear you had a pretty good day! Thanks!