Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our New Girls

Meet our new girls! We have adopted two young adult girls from a very nice family who had to give them up due to allergies in their little one. Right now the cats are still very scared because of the move, however they are very lovable and are coming around more and more each day.

Our boy cat Jacob is unsure of them - he is trying to make sure that HE is still the ruler of the house by begging for attention whenever we are around. Our hopes are that in a few weeks him and the girls will be playmates.

Our puppy Kodi - well, he just wants to play!

Here are some photos I took of them...

Isis - 3 years old {an ancient Egyptian Goddess of motherhood and fertility}

She is very much lovable, wanting to be pet but not held. She will rub up against your hand and purr but will not come any closer. She has moved up from under the basement steps to underneath our bed where she is staying put! She is really bonding with hubs, I can tell this is going to be his little girl.

Cleopatra - 2 years old {an Egyptian Pharaoh & Goddess of wisdom. Her patron goddess was Isis.}

Cleo for short - this little girl is the most timid, docile cat. I just love her. She is so tiny, you can just pick her up and put her on your lap where she will stay until you move her. She is not bothered by Kodi or Jacob. I think she is a Siamese and tabby mix, possibly the runt. She has a black tail, ears and nose and blue eyes of a Siamese however her body color, size and longer coat look tabby. She has also made her way from the basement to underneath our bed.

Both girls are using the litter box as well.

Hubs and I are so happy to have these two wonderful additions in our house and in time I think they will be happy too...


Hayley said...

Congrats! And what an awesome thing to do, to take them in.

Barry, Wendy and Genevieve said...

We are soo, soo Glad that you guys were able to take our babies and that they are doing good. Hope it continues to get better. We do miss them, but we are glad that you guys were there for them when we were no longer able to keep them. Genevieve still calls for them. It is hard to tell her they are not here any more. Good Luck and enjoy their Love !!!
Barry and Wendy and Genevieve