Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Victim of Recession"

This week my community got the news that our builder has packed up shop and left town. The building in our development has been stopped - leaving unfinished houses, unfinished roads and a lot of mess. The sales office is all closed up and the phones are shut off. The electric company is leaving bills on the empty houses and lawn services hasnt yet to be seen.

Hubs and I are very lucky to have only a few issues - other people in our community have much worse problems. One couple put $5,000 down on a house that they don't know if they are getting! There is nobody to contact and no help available. The mortgage company doesn't even know!

So what does a community do in this situation? Call 6ABC News! Check us out here. You can see a short clip of us in the beginning standing around chatting. They asked to interview me but I got a little anxiety and said no.

Hopefully our community can come together and quickly assemble a Home Owners Association. Until then we will have to get the scissors out and start cutting our grass!


Anonymous said...

good thing you got a husband that can do just about anything he puts his mind to! Scew THP, i'd rather do it myself anywayz! How else are ya gonna learn how to do things on your own!

Heather Nicole said...

You're right & I'm thankful that you are able to be so handy! But it’s still the principle!