Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What About Me?

I hate writing About Me's. It's impossible to capture the essence of Heather in only a few short sentences. Okay, the whole essence thing is a little over dramatic but do you catch my drift? How does one come up with something original, catchy and short?

I've been lurking around the blogoshpere and I have found that there are three main types of About Me's...

On a side note - 80% of About Me's reference coffee. Okay I made up that figure, but that's common don't you agree? A lot of people encourage you to "grab a cup of coffee and enjoy". Is reading blogs enhanced by coffee somehow?

Continuing on...

1.) Catchy One Liners - These are for bloggers with blogs that actually serve a purpose and have a direct point. Such as religion, art, philosophy etc. etc.

This wouldn't work for me because my blog serves almost no purpose what-so-ever! I am all over the map and you never know what your gonna get when you come here. And also because I am not clever enough to come up with a cool catch phrase like my friend David.

2.) Generic Yadda Yaddas - I know you've seen it - you may even be a culprit of it. It goes like this..."I'm a 20something blogger trying make sense out of this crazy life...yadda, yaada, yadda...

Okay well aren't we all 20somethings trying to make sense out of yadaa, yadda, yadda...Even though I myself have been guilty of being generic yadda yadda'er, I just cant settle for this...

3.) The never ending List - This blogger creates a list of things they like or dislike to describe themselves. I feel this often has a negative effect on a blogger - to be honest the long list of randomness kind of makes you look Schizophrenic. Sorry.

The Schizophrenia would especially apply to me because my lists of likes and dislikes are so different from each other. Example = I love mosh pits and long walks on the beach. See?

So I had to ask myself, how do I avoid looking like a 20something with Schizophrenia all hoped up on coffee? (I know, I know...I digress...)

Given the fact that I'm all over the map and have some many different likes and dislikes and there is no written plan for this blog, I came up with this - I just wanna be heard. That's it! It's so simple, that's why I blog and I think that's all you need to know about me. Period.

How did you come up with your About Me and whats your style?


Anonymous said...

How about an "about me" that's really "about nothing"!!! Kinda like the sienfeld sitcom where the show is about nothing but accually says everything!

Heather Nicole said...

ohhh, thats clever. when you think of it let me know! haha :)

David Richardson said...

I think your husband may be on to something! He's got a good point in his Seinfeld comparison.

Thanks for your kind words.

As for you: you're a good blogger, and you do have good things to say. I enjoy my visits to your blog!


Anonymous said...

I can't help but laugh a little self conciously at this post! I have a 50 Things list. Not whole sentences, just one or two words each about thing in my life.

I saw a youtube tag video going around where the video bloggers listed 50 things and though it was cute.

After this post I'm going to have another look at my "about me" page... ;)