Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fruits of my labor

So this is what I worked on last weekend while hubs was away...

Its Clary Sage from Sherwin Williams and I love it!

Of course I had to have hubs do the top few inches because even on a stool I'm too short!

Oops, a few spots on the trim to touch up though!

That's a reflection of the mirror on the wall :)

I think it came out great! Eventually, when money allows, I have plans for this bathroom to be "Zen" and relaxing. I'd like to put in either black faux wood blinds or a dark bamboo shades. I'd also like to replace the plain mirror with something framed and hang some nature pictures, but for now I'm pretty happy the way it is!


Anonymous said...

looks great! especially the top 5 inches...LOL

Heather Nicole said...

yeah, i think it looks more gray than green in these pictures