Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Recap

I am taking a page from Being Brazen today because I thought my post would be best done in a form of Things I've Learned this weekend!

  • I am really uber pathetic! My husband was gone for 48 hours and I nearly died from missing him so much!
  • Stretching is probably a good thing to do before painting
  • And Ironing 5 sets of curtains after painting is never a good idea - ever
  • Watching BRAVO (Real Housewives, Make me a Supermodel and Millionaire Matchmaker)on TV all day makes you a little dumber than before
  • I can survive solely on Sugarfree Fudgesicles, coffee and Jello
  • My dog can get along with the cats when/if he wants to
  • I love my home, being a homeowner and all the stress, love and happiness it brings
  • Going to bed at 7:30 is awesome after an exhausting weekend!!!

1 comment:

Kevin Davis said...

7:30 is awesome if your 95 and near death and I don't know about solo, but sugar-filled fudesicles could carry me pretty far.