Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Take

Everyone is talking about it and today I am joining in too. After sitting through every episode of that damn show and then watching what unfolded last night - I am putting my opinion out there.
In case your from mars - I'm referring to Jon & Kate + 8
I was so disappointed last night watching the "big announcement". I was really holding out for some news that they were going to give marriage counseling a try and instead they are getting divorced.
I know a lot of people out there are Kate haters - I am not one of them. To be honest I would probably be the same way if I had eight kids in two age groups to take care of. I also think that its 10 years too late for Jon to decide that he wants to grow a backbone. Of course there were times watching the show that I saw Kate cross the line but I also saw a husband who, as my local radio show best said, was a limp noodle! Now its 10 years and 8 kids later - all that time of building up resentment towards his wife - now he wants to take a stand to her and turn & walk away? How about talking about it with your wife instead of blocking her out? COMMUNICATION! If you want to do whats best for your kids you would have tried marriage counseling. Instead you are talking about how you're only 38 and looking forward to life after Kate. I couldn't help but cry last night...I was so disappointed in Jon.
I'm also left wondering how they are going to tell the kids, all eight of those babies, that the promise they made to them has been broken...
Thoughts, Opinions?


Being Brazen said...

very sad if they really get divorced. Poor kiddies

David Richardson said...

Hi Heather!

I hope life is treating you well in your corner of the world.

As for John & Kate - I think the whole situation is just plain sad. They both really do seem to have some issues. I still think they could have worked things out, if they had slowed down, quit the show, and communicated in marriage counseling.

Oh well...

Take care, my friend.

David R.
South Carolina

volleybear83 said...

I totally agree with you about Jon!!! I think Kate is controlling but she needs to be to run that crazy household. Jon is a big kid and always will be. As big of a stress as it will be to care for those kids by herself it will be a lot better to get rid of that lazy piece of crap husband. Amanda

Heather Nicole said...

@ Brazen - Hey lady! They filed divorce papers on Monday :(

@ David - I did a double take when I saw your name in my inbox! HI!!! Very good to hear from you :) You would think with that much invested (by invested I mean 8 babies) they would have slowed down & sought out help - sigh...so sad. Take care!

@ Amanda - LOL! She has plenty of help from nannies, bodyguards etc etc - not that it makes up for what she (and the rest of the family) is going through. Shame that it turned out this way!

Being Brazen said...

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