Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some highlights from our mini-vaca;

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At the risk of getting eaten alive, we caught about 30 nice sized crabs. I like to use the 'line' technique; I tie a piece of disgustingly smelly rank chicken to a weight {actually hubs does that part} which is tied to a long string and lowered into the water. By keeping the line taught I can feel when a crab is on the line, then I slowly pull the line up inch by inch and use a net to scoop them up. If they are over 4 inches they are turned into dinner.

This time I had a pesky fish or eel that kept going after my line and tugging it so hard I thought I was going to go in the bay! I tried so hard to lure that son of a beotch up to the surface but I couldn't get it. At one point I set the line down and placed my coffee cup on the line - I turned around and saw my coffee cup inching its way down the dock! I wanted to get that little *#$% so bad!!!!

During a game of Rummikub I was boasting and said how "clever & witty" I am. Hubs said "more like annoying & shitty" yeah, he's sweet like that... oh and hearing hub's nan say 'fo sheezy was a real highlight

Despite the rain, wind and cold temperatures the ocean water was warm. Some of the kids and I went on the hunt for seashells. While we didn't find any starfish or conch shells, we did find a hermit crab that had just lost an epic battle to a seagull. Although he was still alive he was missing several limbs - poor fella

More highlights & pictures to come....

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