Friday, July 31, 2009

A Happy Camper

So tonight I am heading out to the wilderness for my first camping trip. Yay! I have no idea what to seems a lot of people hate camping. But I figure you don't know unless you try it.
I'm looking forward to this weekend with my family, we always have a great time, laughing hysterically and just hanging out. Ohhhh....the best part? We're bringing Kodi bear! :D I am super excited to have him with us. I know he is gonna love hiking and being outside with everyone. He is a real people person dog with lots of energy. Just hope he doest fart in the tent....that could be deadly.

Packing has been an issue with me. Between working late and trying to clean...I've hardly packed. I refuse to come home to a messy house. So my pre-game is usually to clean everything. Do the laundry, dishes, wipe the counters, make the beds etc etc.

Oh and what to wear! I'm sitting in my closet arguing with myself... "its not a fashion show you don't need to bring that cute outfit" ... "but your gonna walk around in an old Tshirt, jeans and sneaks all weekend?" ... "your only gonna get dirty" .... "*gasp* dirty!?!" .
I cant decided!
Any camping advice?


desi said...

Wet Wipes, Sunblock, comfortable shoes, enough snacks, DOOM(insect killer spray), Camera, Paperplates
Thats important stuff...

enjoy!! :D

Heather Nicole said...

wet wipes --- of course! I forgot them --- will pack them up tonight :D