Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pretty toes and AC shows

This past week I...
  • painted my nails and toenails
  • lost 3 lbs
  • got my hair styled and added some fresh new bangs
  • did some work at Gavin's house
  • relaxed and recharged myself for a busy end of month

This coming week I will...

  • be going to Atlantic City to do a little gambling with some friends
  • catching a concert (or 2?)
  • celebrating my brothers 15th birthday (a week early)
  • making last minute preparations for my Halloween party
  • adding a workout regimen to my diet & weight loss plan

And on a totally unrelated note...how bout them Phillies!?!?!?!


Being Brazen said...

sounds like you had a good past week :)

Enjoy Atlantic City

LiLu said...

Lost 3 lbs?? Jealous!

Heather Nicole said...

@ Brazen - Thanks!

@ LiLu - Yup 3 little pounds...lets hope this week I can loose 3 more!