Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Series; Lessons Learned '09

I am starting a new series titled Lessons Learned in 2009. I have no idea how many chapters this series will include but I promise at least 7. This series is a serious look back at my life in 2009. I try not to get too personal on this blog but for this series I dug deep and I hope you enjoy it.

Lets start off with a short one;

Chapter 1 - Don’t get too comfortable

  • It is possible to have it all and it is possible to lose it all. The kicker is that when you are in the moment you don’t realize that you have it made. Yes, I have my job and I have my health and I have my children pets. But it’s human nature to dream bigger and crave more. It’s not until some of those things were taken away from me (a beloved pet, my husband job etc.) that I realized that having just enough is having it all. My lesson learned? Don’t get too comfortable.

Up Next, Chapter 2 - Perspective


The Darbzilla said...

Well put, Heather. That is definitely a lesson I learned as well this year (as I'm sure you know from my blog!).. :)

Heather Nicole said...

Thanks Darb - Life likes to keep us on our toes thats for sure