Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Vacation Days 3, 4 and 5

Okay, so I missed blogging about Thanksgiving Vacation Days 3, 4 and 5….but I was busy!

If you missed Day 1 and Day 2, here is a quick recap;

I caught a show in the city on Wednesday night;

(Automatic Fire @ the TLA on South Street, Phila)
Thursday (Turkey Day) was at my Moms house and it was wonderful. It was so relaxing with just my parents, brothers, my husband and I. There was no family drama or huge mess to clean up.
We decorated Mom's Christmas tree...one of them anyway

...ate a wonderful meal and spent time together as a family just relaxing. We went to bed rather early so that we could get up with the crazies (who am I kidding...we ARE the crazies!) to do some Black Friday shopping!

Friday started at 2:30 AM (better than last year…we started at midnight then) with a large cup of Wawa coffee and lots money to burn…well not so much the lots of money part. Anyway, we made our way through a few stores stopping for breakfast along the way. We made out pretty well and got done most of our Christmas shopping. Then around 10:00 AM we dropped the bags off at home, took a nap, woke up and had lunch (turkey day round # 2) and then went back out for MORE SHOPPING Y’ALL!!!! My best buy was an awesome set of bed sheets that were $89.99. I scored them for $14.99 + 15% off of that…you figure it out. I can’t tell you what I else I got cuz it’s for Christmas DUH!
Saturday I can’t even remember but I’m sure it was good.
Sunday was great because we did this…

(Thats our house all done up for Christmas!)
My Dad brought over a bucket truck to get the lights up top. That man is like a kid with a toy when it comes to using the bucket truck...any excuse he gets I tell ya!

That brings us to today…its back to work, with a sore back/neck and a cold thats turned into a sinus infection…I guess the fun had to end sometime.

How was your Thanksgiving vacation? Is your tree up yet?


Freddae' said...

There is an award for you at http://coffeegodandme.blogspot.com. Have a beautifully blessed Saturday.

Hayley said...

Love the lights!!!!!

Glad you had a great time!