Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend in Review + Awards!

Do you have your Christmas shopping done yet? How about started? I am about half way through and now I'm looking at the calender and realizing I only have less than three weeks and only one paycheck to finish...can you hear me screaming?!

This weekend my dog decided that he just wasn't going to behave this weekend - at all. He pooped on my carpet, chewed up a pair of undies, ran away from us outside and has just been acting like a nut. I don't know what his problem was but he was driving me crazy.

I got to spend some one-on-one time with my MIL yesterday which was pretty cool. We went out shopping for some new window treatments for her house. I was able to convince her to do something a little different and it ended up looking great and she loved them - *huge sigh!* We also stopped in Target and picked up this pretty piece by Simply Shabby Chic for her bathroom. The detail in it is beautiful and matches the mirror that my husband framed for her.


Awards! Freddae over at Coffee, God and Me gave me The Circle of Friends Award!

5 Things I like to do (in no particular order)
  1. Entertain friends and family. I love to host dinners and game nights its always so much fun!
  2. Cooking and baking, especially for the holidays!
  3. Scrapbooking...when I can find the time
  4. Home Improvement. I love to spend time with my husband working on our home. And that includes decorating, we love to go shopping and finding the perfect pieces for our home!
  5. Blogging...lately its been when I find the time but I am trying to be better at it and MAKE time.

Okay now I am going to pass the award onto 5 awesome bloggers. All you have to do is publish it on your blog, referring to the friend who passed it on. Then, share five things that you like to do. Lastly, pass it along to 5 friends!

  1. Hayley at Everything in Between
  2. Darby at The Ramblings of Me
  3. Bridget at Yellaphant
  4. Brian at Running for my Life (Brian just started his blog and I hope he keeps it going! - go over and say hi!)
  5. Amy at Apples & Cheese, Please (I just started following Amy's blog - its about food and its awesome!)

Okay bloggers congrats on your awards, make sure you pick it up and pass it on!



Bridget said...

Woo HOOOOOO! Thanks, Heather! Talk about some Monday morning inspiration! Because sometimes coffee just doesn't cut it.

Hayley said...

Thanks Heather!!!!

I love that cabinet!!!

The Darbzilla said...

awww, thanks!! :D I'm going to go do this right now! LOL

apples and cheese, please said...

THANK YOU! I love your blog just the same! :)