Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lessons Learned in '09 Chapter 7

Welcome to my new series titled Lessons Learned in 2009. This series is a serious look back at my life in 2009. I try not to get too personal on this blog but for this series I dug deep and I hope you enjoy it.
Chapter 7 - God
  • His big lesson for me this year was simple yet powerful; “I will provide”. This year I was blessed to see God’s provision first hand through my family. God has shown me that he can do great things through great people. Sometimes we can’t see it, sometimes we even doubt it but God always provides and it always happens…just…in…time. This lesson is very important to me as this year comes to a close. Right now we are on one income and as our bills pile up and Christmas gifts need to be purchased our faith is being tested. Do we crumble under the pressure or do we have faith that God will provide? Well if I’ve learned my lesson I know that…“He WILL provide”.

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The Darbzilla said...

This was one big lesson I learned this year as well. As I turned my whole life and world upside-down by leaving my husband and subsequently starting divorce proceedings, I spent MANY nights praying to God for an answer, for direction, for strength - everything. Though the answers didn't always come immediately, they always came when I needed them most, and it truly strengthened my belief.